Mandi and Derek Donahoe, Parents of Connor and Nichole

We love Dora’s house! From the beginning, our children were comfortable and happy with Dora and we have not for a moment questioned our decision to leave them in her care. Dora is a fantastic baker and the kids eat very well (occasionally they even bring yummy treats home for us too). They come home every day telling us about the fun things they did and they are always so proud of their art projects.

Dora is always flexible and happy to work with us when life interferes with our normal schedule. She is also very reasonably priced and was willing to work with us about rates with two kids. Even more important to me however, is that whenever I have concerns about the kids’ development or the challenges of parenthood, Dora takes my concerns seriously and supports our solutions. She is made to be a childminder. She is playful and fun. She meets all of their needs but most important to me, their mother, Dora cares for my kids.

She is sad when she drops them off for the weekend and bright and happy again on Monday morning when she sees them again. When we move from Belfast, I wish we could take her with us!